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"Hey wait a minute, I thought all the music is free?"

The music is, and will always be free. Visit the music page to download all material.

This is here for those who either do not want mp3s, cannot download them, who want a CD for their car, or whatever. The CDs available here are professionally produced and packaged (read: these are not crappy homemade CD-Rs out of my computer). I want to provide them for the most reasonable price possible. The copying and free distribution of these CDs are allowed and encouraged. Please do not make copies of the CDs and sell them; if you do, I will find you and force-feed you toothpaste until you die.

Rise, Fall, and Fade

Rise, Fall, and Fade
Released 01-10-2010

Rise, Fall, and Fade ($5.00 USD)    Qty  


Released 7-17-2007
Limited edition release - available while supplies last

Modular ($4.00 USD)    Qty